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TCS Zimbra is the open source email service designed for TCS employees. Only the employees of TCS can have access to the features offered by Zimbra.

It is designed for e-mail, calendar and collaboration solution for both private and public platforms. After share about Ultimatix App and also TCS Ultimatix helpdesk today we are sharing something more about this department.

If you are new to TCS Zimbra, then you need to go through this article thoroughly to find out what Zimbra is all about. There is a dedicated website for Zimbra through which employees can login and perform specified tasks.

It has the browser kind of interface and is pretty easy to use. The main purpose of Zimbra TCS is to allow the TCS employees to add their private cloud servers and TCS ION Self Service. It has wonderful built-in advanced messaging feature that no other open source offers.

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TCS Alumni portal Registration 2022

Zimbra TCS

Zimbra TCS

Zimbra offers its users amazing messaging experience. Zimbra makes it a point that it provides a secure collaboration experience for its customers, partners and users of it.

Users can enjoy advanced web experience with this. The interface is browser-based and is robust. Using OpenPGP Zimlet, users can send authenticated and encrypted webemail messages.

Zimbra offers open-source server and client software for messaging and collaboration. Zimbra is the leading open-source email platform across the world that has hundreds of millions of mailboxes across hundreds of countries.

Visit the official website of Zimbra for email login – https://www.zimbra.com.Zimbra mobile is compatible with Android operating systems.

Zimbra mail server allows the users to integrate or extend 3rd party communication platforms, customize via Zimlets and ensure easy administration.

Zimbra mail server is used for handling various incoming and outgoing emails, databased, international communication in offices, and data storage.

Fill in some of the vital details and sign up on Zimbra. Further, you can log into Zimbra using the key credentials.

TCS Management Team

zimbra tcs mail

Features of TCS Zimbra Mail

This had also many good features for users, TCS Zimbra has extraordinary features to offer to its users. Go through the features we have mentioned below.

  • Highly encrypted email services from one end to the other.
  • Groupware software for Linux and MAC.
  • Calendar

If you are wondering about the connection between TCS Ultimax and Mail Zimbra, then read on. Zimbra is a webmail service that is dedicated to TCS employees whereas TCS Ultimatix is an advanced ERP portal that is managed and maintained by this.

The portal is meant to provide proper ways to manage all the employees of TCS. The portal can manage and automate things like Time sheet, HR services, Salary management etc. Employees can access this Ultimatix tool.

TCS Webmail Login

TCS Zimbra Mail

TCS Employees can also get Zimbra Mail on their smartphones. Luckily, the Zimbra Mail is cross platform dependent and runs on Android, iOS, and Blackberry phones.

Zimbra Mail app was especially designed for ILP trainees of TCS across the country for accessing their email.

So, ILP trainees can make use of this Zimbra mail service to access and check their email this is same like TCS WebMail Login.

The app can be downloaded for free from online. Employees need to scan their QR Code in order to download Zimbra Mail into their smartphones.

ILP trainees working for TCS can connect with Zimbra Mail from anywhere and from any device. Zimbra perfectly synchronizes with iOS, Android smartphones, Windows, tablets using CarDAV and CalDAV also IMAP/POP.

Zimbra Mail also provides simplified administration to its users. The administration can be done from anywhere from any device. It comes with integrated anti-spam, antivirus and directory services.

Users can also use Microsoft Outlook to synchronize Mailbox, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks using the Zimbra Connector for Outlook. It comes totally integrated with Microsoft Windows.

It comes with advanced features and advanced synchronization for signatures, rules etc. It also comes with advanced sharing features.

It has best user interface and users can have best user experience with it. Users can also collaborate and interact with their team and customers easily through Zimbra Connector.

Zimbra Desktop

As we know that its is providing many platform o user for better experience.

Using Zimbra Desktop TCS employees can also enjoy Zimbra experience offline. It is a free email client for MAC or Linux desktops Windows.

It syncs Calendar, Address Book with Gmail, Yahoo. Users can make use of this Zimbra Desktop service when offline and get their work done without any issues.

Visit – TCS Nextstep registration

How do I log into Zimbra server?

Guys, if you want login in Zimbra server, then you need a dedicated tutorial about this, But here we are trying to share some easy understanding steps which can help in Log in, Just follow me:- 

  1.  First, you need a Gmail account or app.
  2. After then, Open Gmail and add an account.
  3. Now just find the Gmail app
  4.  Select an account type. 
  5. Fill up your email address
  6.  Now fill right your password.
  7.  Now you can give the server address.
  8. Then just sync.

Zimbra Collaboration Network Edition

The latest version of Zimbra is easier, faster, safer and smarter to use. It is the most robust version of Zimbra ever. The latest 8.8 version of Zimbra has so many interesting features to offer.

Zimbra Chat allows the peers to chat using XMPP. The company’s chat data will be secure and private with Zimbra Chat. Users can search for the chat history using emojis. Zimbra offers wonderful synchronization and sharing of files between users.

How to Login into TCS VMware Zimbra Mail Service?

TCS employees will have access to login to Zimbra Mail Service. Users can login into Zimbra TCS account just as they do in Facebook.

  • In order to login into TCS Zimbra account, you need to first visit the official website of TCS Mail Zimbra.
  • Enter your username and password in the specified slots.
  • Click on Sign In. You can click on ‘Stay Signed In’ option if you want.
  • You can also select the version from the drop down menu.
  • On successful login, you will be directed to Zimbra TCS Mail Account.
  • Fore more about TCS webmail you can read too.

The username and password will be provided by TCS to its employees. Employees need to keep them safe and secure and need to use them while logging in to the Zimbra TCS Mail Account to perform company assigned actions.

TCS Zimbra Login (New Domain)

Citing the online hacks and security issues that rise with them, TCS has changed the domain of Zimbra login to a new one.

If you are an old employee of TCS and are not aware of the new domain of Zimbra login, then you can know from here about the new domain.

  1. The new domain of Zimbra login was introduced by TCS considering the hacks and
  2. Other security threats associated with online usage.
  3. The new URL of the Mail service of Zimbra is https://secureaccess.tcs.com.
  4. TCS employees can use this link to login to TCS Zimbra Mail service and
  5. Check and exchange mails without any security issues.

Note :- For more you can read TCS Ultimatix Global Helpline article also can contact via TCS Webmail.

Zimbra TCS Mail Login Useful Links

Here are some helpful links of Zimbra TCS Mail Login URL and services; if you facing an issue finding the right URL, Then just check the below table; it will help you :-

Name of the Organization TCS
Work Help Drive IT Agile Transformation and DevSecOps Services
Asia Pacific +65 9139 3668
Canada +1 647 790 7602
Europe +31 615 903387
Official website for all info Get Here

If you need something more please comment below

TCS Webmail Login Process: @webmail.tcs.com

It was the easy way to the people to go to TCS as Employee. Many have their carrier rise in TCS by working for more years.

We made this tutorial to help the employees who are struggling with TCS Webmail Login.

  • Visit the official site of TCS Webmail
  • Now identify yourself with Username and Password of your Webmail TCS account
  • Now you will be redirected to the Webmail account page of TCS Webmails.

What is Zimbra OSE?

Many people still don’t know about Zimbra OSE; friends, there are many open source email platforms on the Internet. Like that, Zimbra OSE is one of the biggest open source email platforms, which uses more than 140 countries.

TCS Zimbra Mail APK – Download (Android App)

Many people are also searching for the TCS Zimbra Mail APK app but make sure apk version is pure. I mean, from the official; we always prefer to download anything related from the official website.

Many web articles show that apk version is not secure and can steal your valuable information. So always try to get the latest version from the play store or the official website.


This is all about TCS Zimbra. If you are a TCS employee, then you can make the most out of this Zimbra Mail service. TCS employees can use the secured mailing offered by Zimbra.

If you have joined TCS recently, get the username and password and login to Zimbra Mail Services to perform your work securely.

Hope this will help you, If you also need Ultimatix job then follow post about Best Opportunities In TCS Careers and get it.

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