Wipro Hyderabad campus

Wipro Hyderabad Campus: Encouraging Technological Excellence in the City of Pearls, Nestled within Hyderabad, India lies the Wipro Hyderabad Campus: an epitome of technological innovation and excellence.

Wipro, one of the top global IT companies, has established their presence here with an innovative campus that showcases their cutting-edge solutions and customer-focused approach. In this blog post we’ll take a deeper dive into all aspects of Wipro Hyderabad Campus including architecture, amenities, sustainability initiatives, as well as its impact on both local IT ecosystem and community.

Wipro Hyderabad campus

The Wipro Hyderabad Campus boasts an exceptional blend of contemporary architecture and functional design, featuring sleek buildings with modern facades, clean lines and spacious interiors characterized by sleek buildings with modern facades, clean lines and open layouts that foster collaboration and innovation..

Aspect Description
Location Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Campus Size Spread across acres of land with multiple buildings and facilities
Address Wipro Limited, Survey No 203/1, Gopanpally Village, Serilingampally Mandal,
Hyderabad, Telangana – 500032, India
Contact Number +91-40-3079-2000
Official Email [email protected]
Official Website www.wipro.com
Facilities Modern office buildings, technology labs, research centers, cafeterias,
recreational areas, sports facilities, and more
Employee Count Varies depending on the specific time and projects
Services Wipro offers a range of IT services, including software development,
infrastructure management, consulting, digital solutions, and more
Technology Focus Wipro Hyderabad campus is known for expertise in various technologies such
as cloud computing, analytics, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity
Environment Wipro aims to create a modern and collaborative work environment with
spaces designed to foster innovation and teamwork
Transportation The campus may offer transportation facilities for employees, including
shuttle services to and from major locations in Hyderabad
Sustainability Wipro focuses on sustainable practices and green initiatives, including
Initiatives energy conservation, waste management, and eco-friendly operations
Nearby Attractions The Hyderabad campus is located in proximity to various tourist attractions,
historical sites, and entertainment hubs in the city


Such as open workspaces with comfortable seating arrangements for staff members as well as breakout areas with natural lighting pouring through large windows; glass walls let in natural light, creating an uplifting work environment; interior designs incorporate vibrant colors, inspiring artworks and green spaces into their designs further adding positive work culture while creating positive work environments.

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Wipro Hyderabad campus

Wipro Hyderabad Contact Phone Number

  • Fax: +91 (40) 27896123
  • Phone: 040 – 30797979

Wipro Hyderabad Office Address

Wipro Technologies 1-8-448, Lakshmi Building, S P Road, Begumpet, Secunderabad – 500 016

Wipro Hyderabad Campus Location Map

Amenities and Facilities

Wipro Hyderabad Campus offers its employees a world-class work environment by offering them access to state-of-the-art conference rooms, meeting spaces and collaboration zones that foster seamless communication and idea exchange across teams. Furthermore, dedicated relaxation areas like recreation centers, meditation rooms and cafeterias are provided in order to foster employee wellbeing and work-life balance.

Dining facilities on campus cater to an array of tastes and preferences, with multiple food courts, cafes, and restaurants serving a range of cuisines throughout the day. Furthermore, fitness centers, sports courts, and wellness programs promote employee physical and mental wellbeing.

Sustainability Initiatives

Wipro Hyderabad Campus places great emphasis on environmental responsibility and sustainability, with features like smart lighting systems, occupancy sensors and optimized HVAC systems designed to maximize energy efficiency thereby reducing energy consumption.

Incorporating renewable sources like solar panels generate clean electricity while rainwater harvesting systems reduce wastage through recycling initiatives while native plants & efficient irrigation systems promote water conservation & biodiversity on its campus landscaping.

Wipro actively embraces eco-friendly practices, including waste segregation and recycling. In addition, employees are encouraged to adopt sustainable commuting options like carpooling or public transit for work commutes. By integrating sustainability into its operations, the Wipro Hyderabad Campus sets an exemplary model of environmental stewardship and responsible business practices.

Employee Well-Being and Growth

Wipro Hyderabad Campus places great emphasis on employee well-being, acknowledging its direct correlation to productivity gains. Amenities and programs provided at Wipro Hyderabad support physical, mental, emotional wellbeing. Fitness centers, yoga studios and meditation rooms promote healthy lifestyle choices and stress management whereas regular health checks-ups counseling services and employee assistance programs create a supportive work environment.

Wipro’s campus fosters an environment conducive to continuous learning and professional growth. Wipro provides comprehensive training programs, workshops and certifications designed to expand employees’ technical expertise and professional capabilities.

Wipro also promotes knowledge-sharing through internal platforms and networks, giving employees opportunities to learn from industry experts while working on cutting-edge projects.

Impact on IT Ecosystem and Community

The Wipro Hyderabad Campus has had a profound effect on both its local IT ecosystem and community. Wipro’s presence has had an enormous effect on regional growth and development of IT industries; serving as an innovation hub and offering employees opportunities to collaborate on groundbreaking projects together on campus.

Wipro is deeply committed to corporate social responsibility initiatives. The company actively participates in community development programs focused on education, healthcare and environmental sustainability.

Wipro also works closely with educational institutions by offering scholarships, mentorship programs and skill development initiatives designed to empower students and increase employability. Furthermore, it participates in community projects designed to meet societal needs while supporting sustainable practices.


The Wipro Hyderabad Campus stands as an iconic symbol of technological excellence, employee well-being, and environmental sustainability. With its innovative architecture, comprehensive amenities, sustainability initiatives, impactful programming for employees and local community engagement initiatives make it a standout in the IT industry.

By creating an ideal work environment with strong collaborative practices embracing sustainable practices to make it a source of pride in Hyderabad city itself – this campus stands as a source of pride that epitomizes excellence!

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