Which Of The Following Is TCS Document Processing Ml Solution?

Which Of The Following Is Tcs Document Processing Ml Solution? Complete the question and answer of this concept you can get from this post. After sharing about How To Change Project In TCS?  and also post on Where Can You Find TCS Process For Business Continuity Management?

Today we are sharing on which of the following is the tcs document processing ml solution? In this article, you will find an easy step-by-step solution. 

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Which Of The Following Is Tcs Document Processing Ml Solution

Which Of The Following Is TCS Document Processing Ml Solution?

TCS creates document processing and data creation additional organized; the system offers reasonable capabilities like the real-time process of processing languages, machine learning, and computer vision using OCR Automation.


TCS Creative Digital Production Suite enhances document processing, while TCS Intelligent Digital Extraction Suite (TIDES) uses a hybrid technique for mechanical document processing and information extraction documents.

This solution combines enough capabilities, such as real-time language processing machine learning, machine learning, and computer vision employing OCR technology, to create efficient document processing and data extraction. It has the following capabilities:

1)Information extraction

2) Image pre-processing 

3) Document classification 

4.) Container-based technology 

5.) Photo and signature confirmation

6) Comparison of documents and data

TCS Intelligent Digital Extraction Suite (TIDES) uses a hybrid method to enhance and automate document processing and data extraction from documents.

The program integrates cognitive skills such as natural machine learning, language processing, computer vision, and OCR technologies to improve document processing and data extraction efficiency. It has the following characteristics:

Classification of documents: Automatically recognize the kind of document.

Data extraction Extract data automatically from unstructured and structured documents.

Image pre-processing Using OCR technologies yo,u can remove any noise from images.

Signature verification and Photo assist in preventing security breaches automatically.

Comparison of documents and data: Use fuzzy matching and the Regex algorithm to evaluate the extracted documents and data.

Technology based on containers: Deploy in a Docker Swarm environment to gain scaling of resources.

TCS (Tata Consulting Services) offers a range of ML (Machine Learning) solutions for document processing. These solutions are designed to automatize and simplify the various tasks involved in processing documents like data extraction, classification and validation, by using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML technology.

A few among the ML solutions that are offered for processing documents by TCS are:

  1. TCS IntelliDocs by iON ML-based software utilizes NLP (Natural Language Processing) and computer vision techniques to find relevant information from documents that are not structured, like invoices, purchase orders and receipts. It can also automate the classification and verify documents based on defined rules.
  2. TCS MasterCraft DataPlus This software uses algorithms for ML to automate extraction of information from a variety of sources, such as documents with a structured and unstructured format and then transforming the data into structured formats to facilitate analysis and making decisions.
  3. TCS Documentum Analytics This ML-based application allows organizations to analyze and draw insights from massive volumes of documents that are not structured in Documentum. Documentum Content Management System. It makes use of NLP machines and algorithms that machine learn to automatically classify tags and categorize documents. identify relationships and entities and detect patterns and trends.
  4. The TCS Cognitive Document Automation TCS Cognitive Document Automation solution integrates RPA (Robotic Process Automation) with ML and NLP technology to automate the entire document processing workflows. This includes document extraction and validation as well as integration to other systems for business.

In general, TCS’s ML solutions that process document are created to assist businesses enhance efficiency, accuracy, and speed of processing, allowing them to concentrate on more valuable processes and increase customer satisfaction.

What is Document Processing Service (DPS)?

Document processing service involves managing, organizing and transforming documents within an organization to meet business requirements.

What is IDP document processing?

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) employs artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to automate data extraction from structured and unstructured documents.

What are document processing tools?

Document processing tools are software applications used for tasks like scanning, OCR recognition, data extraction and workflow automation.

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