TCS Zimbra EMail Service Login | Login To TCS Zimbra 


You should read this article till the end if you want to know all about TCS Zimbra. Also, you will learn about the New Zimbra Login site in this article. So, without further ado let me tell you about TCSZimbra mail service and its features.

TCS Zimbra Mail Service Login

What is TCS Zimbra Mail?| Know The Main Features Of TCS Zimbra Mail:

Zimbra is the best open source email service for business-class e-mail, calendar and collaboration solution for private and public. It built with a redesigned browser-based interface. TCS Zimbra built with the most advanced messaging expertise available in the marketplace at present to provide a person only to attend end users to add his/her own cloud private servers.

Key features of Zimbra Mail Service:

Let me give you a quick rundown about the key features of TCS Zimbra at below.

  • Email
  • Groupware software for Linux and MAC
  • Calendar

But what’s the connection between TCS Ultimax and TCS Mail Zebra? TCS Zimbra is a webmail service which used by TCS employees only.

You might be wondering about the connection of TCS ultimatix with tcszebra. Well let me tell you that TCS zebra is a service that TCS employee uses as a TCS webmail. Suppose you were the newly entered employee in TCS then you might be having the hard time about TCS Zimbra. I will tell you more about this service below. So, continue reading.

TCS Zimbra: Smartphone Compatability:

Would TCS Zimbra support your smartphone? It’s the most common question among employees. No problem. It is compaiatble with both Android,  iOS, Blackberry. You can purchase an Android smartphone within 5,000 RS if you don’t have one already.

How Do I Login into TCS VMware Zimbra Mail Service?

You can login similarly as you do into your Facebook profile. You need to follow few steps to login into TCS Zimbra for the first time which I have mentioned below.

  • At first, visit the official website of TCS Mail Zimbra.
  • Now input your login ID and password (same as Facebook)
  • Click ‘Login’ after putting the correct info in the box.

You will be redirected to Zimbra TCS Mail Account after putting correct login details.

TCS Zimbra (New Domain) Login – >

You must know about the new domain of TCS Zimbra especially if you are an old employee who used it previously. TCS has increased security due to online hacking at recent times. The old zimbra link was vulnerable thus it changed into a new one recently.

It is the new URL of the Mail service of Zimbra. (

You should be using this new link to login into TCS Zimbra mail service.

Wrapping Up TCS Zimbra Mail:

I have told you everything that you need to know about TCS Zimbra mail service for the TCS employees. Hopefully, it will help to get a clear idea about this service. Kindly drop a comment below if you have any question regarding this article.

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