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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has revealed that 20% of its more than 6 lakh employees work from their offices as the company tries to resume a regular, office work module following the outbreak.

With many employees working from offices, TCS work from home regime is slowly being phased out, even as the firm is planning to introduce a formalized hybrid work system before 2025.

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tcs work from home

TCS Work From Home

TCS Chief Executive Rajesh Gopinathan in his speech to the media following the announcement of the results of the quarter that ended April-June on Friday, stated that at present the company will be promoting the return to office earlier until it reaches levels that are pre-pandemic or even 80 percent. TCS 25/25 will be implemented following that, he added.

The 25/25 strategy must be implemented in a controlled way and the way towards that will begin with returning to a normal working environment before moving into the hybrid permanent model.

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We’ll keep pushing it up until we get back to our normal numbers — 50-60, 70-80, and 50-60 percentin the course of moving ahead. We’ll see steady improvement each month starting today,” Gopinathan said.

TCS announced in April 2020 that it had revealed its 25/25 model. The company plans in 2025 that just 25 percent of their employees will be required to work from their homes at any time. Additionally, employees will not have to work over 25 percent of their time working. Within teams of project managers just 25 percent of employees will be co-located.

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When the company announced its FY22 Q4 numbers on April 1, Gopinathan has told journalists that TCS had asked its top associates to return to their designated workplaces.

In the beginning, only these senior associates will be able to go to work for three days a week that will begin on April 1, he stated.

We will begin with our top associates, which is the highest-performing 50,000 employees. They will begin coming into the office 3 days per week starting the beginning of this month.

Then, we’ll continue to expand the number of associates that will start returning. In the mid-year, we’ll be at the well and heading to the 80:20mark,” Gopinathan had told reporters earlier in the year.

We have to return to a more normalized model, which is around 80:20 before we begin transitioning to the 25:25 model. If the pattern we’re currently experiencing is not stopped, we’ll begin moving faster to the model of 80:20,” the CEO had stated at the time.

TCS has kept its word that it will call back many of its employees in the past few months. TCS Work from home program has been discontinued for about 1 lakh employees.

While TCS work-from-home is coming to an end for additional staff, they also reported an attrition rate of 19.7 percent, up from 17.4 percent in Q4FY22.

The CEO Rajesh Gopinathan said t

20% of Tata Consultancy Services’ employees currently at more than 6 lakh, work from the offices of the company. This is an effort in the direction of getting employees back in the office while Tata Consultancy Services plans to implement an efficient hybrid working model by 2025.

In a press conference after the company released its results CEO Rajesh Gopinathan told reporters that, for the moment, they’ll push the return to work until it is at regular levels or even 80 percent.

“The 25/25 program must be implemented in a controlled way and the way to achieve that goal will start by returning to a normal working environment before moving back to the hybrid permanent model.

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We’ll continue to push it and down to our normal figures of 50-60, 70-80 percentin the course of moving ahead. We’ll see steady progress in this area every month,” he said.

On April 25, 2020 TCS introduced its 25/25 plan — which means that not more then 25 percent its employees are required to work from the offices and they would not be required to work at least 25 percent of the time in the office.

It was also announced that, as they progress the company, over 25% of the staff of any project could not be in a single office.

Gopinathan has previously declared that this will need to be carried out in a more thoughtful manner rather than keeping things the way they currently are, where the majority of employees are working at home. To accomplish this, TCS has stressed that it will be able to get employees in the workplace first.

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