TCS Work From Home – New Update May 2023

TCS Work From Home: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has revealed that 20% of its more than 6 lakh employees work from their offices as the company tries to resume a regular office work module following the outbreak.

With many employees working from offices, the TCS work-from-home regime is slowly being phased out, even as the firm plans to introduce a formalized hybrid work system before 2025.

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tcs work from home

TCS Work From Home

TCS Chief Executive Rajesh Gopinathan, in his speech to the media following the announcement of the quarter’s results that ended April-June on Friday,, stated that at present, the company would be promoting the return to office earlier until it reaches levels that are pre-pandemic or even 80 per cent. TCS 25/25 will be implemented following that, he added.

The 25/25 strategy must be implemented in a controlled way, and the path towards that will begin with returning to a typical working environment before moving into the hybrid permanent model.

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We’ll keep pushing it until we get back to our usual numbers — 50-60, 70-80, and 50-60 per cent while moving ahead. We’ll see steady improvement each month starting today,” Gopinathan said.

TCS announced the release of its 25/25 model in April 2020. By 2025, the corporation expects only 25% of its workers to be needed to work from home at any time. Furthermore, employees will not be required to work more than 25% of the time. Only 25% of employees in project management teams will be co-located.

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When the company announced its FY22 Q4 numbers on April 1, Gopinathan told journalists that TCS had asked its top associates to return to their designated workplaces.

In the beginning, he stated that only these senior associates can go to work three days a week, which would begin on April 1.

We will start with our top colleagues, the top 50,000 employees. They will start coming into the workplace three days a week at the beginning of this month.

Then, we’ll continue to increase the number of associates who return.”By mid-year, we’ll be at the well and on our way to the 80:20 mark,” Gopinathan told reporters earlier this year.

We have to return to a more normalized model, around 80:20, before transitioning to the 25:25 model. If the pattern we’re currently experiencing is not stopped, we’ll start moving faster to the model of 80:20,” the CEO stated.

TCS has kept saying that it will call back many of its employees in the past few months. TCS’s Work from Home program has been discontinued for about 1 lakh employees.

While TCS work-from-home is ending for additional staff, they also reported an attrition rate of 19.7 per cent, up from 17.4 per cent in Q4FY22.

The CEO Rajesh Gopinathan said t

20% of Tata Consultancy Services’ employees, currently at over six lahks, work from the company’s offices. This is an effort to get employees back in the office while Tata Consultancy Services plans to implement an efficient hybrid working model by 2025.

In a press conference after the company released its results CEO Rajesh Gopinathan told reporters that, for the moment, they’ll push the return to work until it is at normal levels or even 80 per cent.

“The 25/25 program must be implemented in a controlled way. The way to achieve that goal will start by returning to a typical working environment before returning to the hybrid permanent model.

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We’ll continue to push it down to our average figures of 50-60, 70-80 per cent while moving ahead. We’ll see steady progress in this area every month,” he said.

On April 25, 2020, TCS introduced its 25/25 plan, meaning that not more than 25 per cent of its employees are required to work from the offices, and they would not be required to work at least 25 per cent of the time in the office.

It was also announced that, as they progress the company, over 25% of the staff of any project could not be in a single office.

Gopinathan has previously declared that this will need to be carried out more thoughtfully rather than keeping things the way they currently are, where most employees work at home. To accomplish this, TCS has stressed that it will be able to get employees in the workplace first.

At TCS, According to Mukherjee, workforce planningorce is conducted at least three years before the start of the year. The projections are refined every year. The company begins visiting campuses for recruiting one and a half years ahead. Its team of Mukerjee visits nearly 360 colleges annually from September through mid-February

Does TCS Encourage Work From Home Till 2025?

In its plan, the company stated that by 2025 only 25 per cent of its employees would need to work out of facilities at any one time, and cannot spend more than 25 per cent of their time at work.

Work-from-home benefits.

Work from home (WFH) can provide several benefits, including:

  1. Increased flexibility: WFH allows employees to create their schedules, which can result in a better work-life balance.
    Reduced travel time and expenses: WFH eliminates the need for employees to commute, saving them both time and money.
  2. WFH provides a distraction-free atmosphere, allowing employees to concentrate and be more productive.
  3. Better health: WFH lowers sickness exposure, improving health and wellness.
  4. Increased job satisfaction: By allowing workers to work in a more comfortable and relaxed setting, WFH can boost job satisfaction.
  5. Access to a larger talent pool: WFH allows companies to hire talent from different geographic locations, leading to a larger pool of qualified candidates.
  6. Reduced overhead costs: WFH minimises the need for office space and equipment, leading to lower overhead costs for companies.

Working from home has the potential to benefit both individuals and businesses. It is vital to maintain an excellent work-life balance, set limitations, and communicate effectively with coworkers and superiors to achieve successful WFH.

Is TCS resuming work from office?

TCS along with other companies, has been constantly monitoring the COVID-19 issue in line with the recommendations issued by the health authorities and the government. They have also implemented remote work policies as well as security measures to ensure the wellbeing of their workers.

To find the most up-to-date and current information on TCS’s current work-from home status I suggest visiting TCS’s official TCS website or contacting TCS directly via the official communication channels. They’ll be able to give you the most current information on their policies for work and plans to resume work from their office.

Is TCS allow work from home?

TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) allows its employees to work from home (WFH). The organization has developed a flexible work strategy that will enable workers to work from home based on project needs, roles and duties, and management clearance.

TCS urged its workers to work from home during the COVID-19 epidemic to guarantee their safety and well-being. The corporation has also taken steps to encourage remote working, such as providing staff with laptop computers, VPN access, and digital communication tools.

WFH policies and availability may differ depending on your location, project requirements, and role in the firm. Speak with your HR representative or manager to learn more about your organization’s WFH policy.


Is TCS firing employees 2023?

Decisions to hire, retain or reduce workforce numbers may depend on various factors, including economic conditions and business strategies. For the latest and most accurate information about TCS’s employment status and any specific actions planned in 2023, I suggest checking official announcements from the company or directly reaching out to TCS to get their policies and practices regarding employee relations.

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