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TCS uniform guide can help to know everything about the TCS Dress code. Actually, there is no one official post where we can get the correct info, But some user who is also working with TCS shared their own experience with the TCS uniform.

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TCS uniform

Here are some employee or user shared about TCS uniform, You can take idea on TCS dress code,

TCS has a strict dress code policy. One set of rules applies Monday through Thursday and another Friday.
For men, the first four days are for formal business wear.

This includes a shirt and trousers with full sleeves. The belt color should match the trousers. You will then need black proper shoes and socks. You are required to wear a tie during your ILP.

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TCS uniform

Kurta Pyjamas, T-Shirts, Half-sleeved shirts or Cargo Pants, or any shirts featuring Floral Prints are not allowed.
Women are subject to slightly different rules. They can wear business formals, Kurti or salwar kameez. No slippers or sandals.

Mini Skirts are not allowed for women. TCS offers business casuals on Fridays. Both men and women can wear Polo-styled T-Shirts for men. Jeans with sneakers or sports shoes are acceptable. Slippers and sandals are not permitted.

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TCS Dress code 

It is the same for women except they can wear a top with jeans. Although it may seem silly, the dress code is stringent. If your manager isn’t too concerned about these things and you have a cool project, you can wear what you want as long as it’s appropriate.

TCS Dress code

Monday through Thursday:

They can wear salwar, saree and formal shirt and pants on weekdays.. but they shouldn’t wear sleeveless or legins Kurta during weekends!

Formal Full-sleeve shirts and formal cotton pants. I believe a tie is required for Monday only. (But it was for all four days). Shirts can either be plain or with light-colored stripes.
For girls:

Policy: Dress code

  • Monday through Thursday – Formals
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday – Casuals/formals
  • (People work here 24/7)

The truth is that no one will ever ask you to verify whether your dress code is being followed. Although your manager might ask you to confirm if you are still violating the dress code, it depends on you.

Personal preference is that dress code should not be an issue in companies like TCS, where most work is done remotely. You should only wear appropriate clothing during client visits. I don’t know why, but I just followed the flow.

Monday to Thursday – Formal

Friday – Business casuals

TCS employees can view the dress code in ultimatix.

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