TCS Ultimatix login All issue Fixed

TCS Ultimatix Touch Application India’s Major Industries, TATA’s IT companies TCS Tata Consultancy Service is among the leading MNC in India with its headquarters in Mumbai. It has 289 offices across 46 countries, including India and employs a total in the range of three Lakhs plus. Based on the number of employees, it’s in third in the world, while IBM, & HP are first and second in the world. TCS’s CEO is TCS Natarajan Chandrasekaran since October 6th in 2009.

The company is located in India, TCS is the largest Private Sector in India with regards to the number of employees. TCS has a total of 3,35,620 employees. Among the company, 31% of them are women. To maintain this large amount of data of employees TCS created Ultimatix, an Ultimatix named app, which will be branded completely in the name of TCS Ultimatix. We will explore more details regarding The TCS Ultimatix Touch App.

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TCS Ultimatix login All issue Fixed

TCS Ultimatix login All issue Fixed

TCS recently created the Ultimax Touch app that is beneficial for Employers as well Managers to keep track of the vast amount of data of employees. TCS Ultimatix is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) portal which allows employers to register and log into the site and manage data Sheets, Timesheets, Salary Management, HR Service, Pay slips, holiday calendar and more..

TCS developed this TCS Ultimatix to help you spend your valuable time to focus on other business activities instead of administrative tasks. There are some issues with the login process are that sometimes it is discovered that your account has been suspended, and then you are able to contact to the Help Desk to get back your account. Accounts that are suspended due to being inactive for long is the cause of the accounts suspended.

TCS Ultimatix Touch App for Android:

There are a variety of possibilities available on the portal. For instance, if you forget the password to the portal you can retrieve it after following easy steps. Contact the Helpdesk to recover the password. TCS offers Global service to the employees worldwide.

If they are unable to assist you should contact your HR department to solve the issue. The password must be secured and is not easily identifiable by employees. Also, it should not be an unrelated password since it is important to remember it easily. The same features are also available on the TCS Ultimatix Touch appalso.

TCS Ultimatix Touch for iPhone:

To date, TCS was maintaining portal however, to allow to make it easier for employees they created the application for smartphones in Andriod or IOS. However, these Apps are not available in the store, however If you are an employee of a TCS employees, they can install the Ultimatix Touch App using your employee ID and password. The Touch App through the steps below.

  • You must register the device you want to register on your Android (or) IOS device. Start TCS Ultimatix via Mobile(Andriod-IOS) Utilities Appmart on your Android or iPhone to register your device.
  • After your device has been verified and registered and authorized, you will be able access all the apps available for download on your phone.
  • Simply select the required app and TCS ultimatum option from the menu by pressing it after which the install will be underway.

If you’re a first time visitor in the TCS and didn’t have any idea about the portal, then you could use the following options.

TCS Ultimatix App for Mobile, Android, iPhone:

  • If you’re an TCS employee and you are a TCS employee, then you can keep your time and data sheet up-to-date on TCS Ultimatix
  • Payslips can be saved from at a particular time.
  • Through using the Ultimatix app, you are able to take leave using the leaving management within the App.
  • This app was built upon the system of performance management, which is used for evaluating performance management.
  • The project’s details are stored into the databases of TCS Ultimatix app.
  • The total amount of hikes in our payments can be viewed on the application.
  • An extra allowance of shifts during night work are to be added on the app.
  • It is also possible to see the Provident Fund details also we are able to see in the App.
  • If you’re new to the company, you will be able to view all of your letters of offer, as well as salary information.
  • The work that will be assigned will be available through the App.
  • If we weren’t in the office, connect to HR via the an app.
  • Ultimatix App is an Ultimate App that allows employees to use all features of the Organization.


Additional features are planned using the TCS Ultimatix Touch app Each company uses its own Portal to manage all databases for employee information However,

TCS manages them using open source, where anyone can view all the details. In addition, the company created an App that allows greater flexibility to employees. This is done by TCS due to the huge employee databases that the company has. For further inquiries regarding TCS Ultimatix Touch App we can be reached after posting a comment.

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