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The TCS softball team is led to the state championship for the 2nd consecutive season. TCS Softball Triple Crown Softball Reno 2021 showcases a variety of events across the country. Triple Crown Sports doesn’t allow college players to participate even if they are eligible in terms of age.

PGF Softball [Premier Girls Fastpitch] is another popular tournament.TCS Nationals NQT is a multi-level assessment qualifier test conducted on the candidates who are willing to get a job in TCS.

Triple Crown Summer Nationals – Play tournament during the Triple Crown Summer Nationals.TCS Sparkler tournaments will be conducted where the teams go to be battle-tested.

TCS Softball

TCS Softball

TCS looked great with convincing wins in regionals, and they will journey down to Crosby to attempt to reach the state championship match.

You examine your children playing with the sport, and they are doing a fantastic job of getting there. It is an excellent chance for our college, to place out our school there in TAPPS to tell them that we are on the market.

Last year was the very first time, so it was sort of new, and we were very excited,” Aubrey Edwards, TCS centerfielder, stated. However, this season, moving back we sort of understanding what to expect, therefore it is like much better this time .”

Being in a position to return is only an unbelievable thing to have the ability to show them we left it last season and we left this season, Jenna Jaska, TCS first baseman stated. “We are going to create it this time.

TCS Softball Club

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T.J. has been one of the most successful high school and club coaches in the past decade. T.J. Goelz, who won the PGF National Championship as the Tampa Mustangs 18U coach and has won the Florida 7A state softball titles in the last two years leading Lakewood Ranch (Bradenton), Fla.) High, announced earlier Wednesday that his Mustangs-TJ team would be taking the summer and fall off.


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