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The structure offers an exciting change in the landscape and an amazing improvement to Chennai, a city Chennai that is famous for its huge cut-outs of famous performers and the usual sculptures that depict politicians.

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tcs siruseri

TCS Siruseri

TheTCS Siruseri’s futuristic structure is designed in the shape of butterflies and has a central spine of 400 meters and forms an atrium that rises 42 metres. This office structure, which is 5,500,000 square feet, spreads over 70 acres. There are six blocks on each of the sides of the atrium which are the wings for butterflies.

The building has been awarded numerous accolades for its energy and water management. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the most advanced materials solar control, as well as thermal insulation systems specifically designed for the high humidity and heat of Chennai. 

Siruseri TCS Complex is one of the largest offices in Asia with an employee count of 25000. The stunning structure and the cutting-edge work that is done together with TCS is an important source of pride for India and Uruguay as well.

Why was there a motivation for the reason to design the famous structure be given an architect from Uruguay located in the middle of ocean where the population of 3 million is only the smallest fraction of Chennai’s?

This is due to the specific connection that exists between TCS and Uruguay. TCS has put Uruguay as a part of its global IT map in 2002, it launched the initial Global Delivery Centre in Montevideo which is the capital in Uruguay.

The process also saw Uruguay was able to help TCS find its place its place within the Latin American map. Gabriel Rozman was an Uruguayan executive and TCS executive, convinced TCS’s TCS Board to create the company’s first Latin American centre in his country. He was given special treatment from the TCS Uruguayan government, who enthusiastically welcome TCS. The Uruguayan government, led by Montevideo Gabriel Rozman was the chief in the expansion of TCS.

TCS covers 8 Latin American countries– Mexico, Colombia  Chile, Argentina, Brazil,  Costa Rica and Peru. TCS currently has more than 10,000 Latin American staff- including 1,000 Uruguayansand software developers who create software and provide off-shore services across both the U.S. and European markets and obviously, Latin American clients. 

TCS is a recognized member of Uruguay and is aware of Uruguay with a way that none other Indian is aware of. There is no other way to recognize the nation. 

TCS has set its sights on Latin America for 10 percent of its revenue. In the year when TCS Chennai office TCS Chennai office Chennai was officially opened in the year 2011, TCS invited the Vice President of Uruguay, Danilo Astori, to cut the ribbon.

They were ecstatic with the Kolkatta appearance of Diego Forlan, the Uruguayan player of the year in 2011 which was awarded with the Golden Ball award in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Indian football fans know that Uruguay has made history by winning its World Cup twice, beating Argentina in 1930 and Brazil in 1950 in the finals.

This is the time, Uruguay is gaining global not just because of football. the entire world of India ought to pay at a close eye.

Uruguay is led by an unifying figure who is the its president Jose Mujica. Contrary to the many corrupt and extravagant Indian politicians, Mujica is uncorruptible – and is the most humble president ever.

He leads a modest life in his tiny farm house, refusing to acknowledge the presidential mansion or protocol while growing vegetables and fruits and driving his old Volkswagen Beetle. He was an ex-guerrilla leader who was sentenced to 14 years in prison under the dictatorship by the army.

Uruguay has also been encouraging the internationalization of its educational system through a unique approach. 

Carlos Ott and Carlos Ponce both attended architecture classes in Uruguay where every student studying architecture has been to India as a element of the University of Uruguay architecture school’s tradition of sending students on compulsory international travel (including the 10-day excursion for 10 days to India).

So, each of TCS’ Uruguayan architects are eager to make their impression in India as a nation that they cherish for its rich traditions and culture and knowledge. They are planning to incorporate their Uruguayan style to various other buildings within India.

How many acres are TCS Siruseri?

The structure has a distinctive butterfly-shaped roof, as well as the structural central spine is shaped like a dinosaur constructed from 3000 MT Structural Steel Pipes (CHS).

The biggest of the type in Asia Techno Park is the largest of its kind in Asia. Techno Park is spread over 5.2 million square. square feet of developed area over a 70-acre site that can house thirty-three IT professionals.

The project consists of six engineering structures, 12 general services and utilities buildings as well as the common basement, which is 1.30 millions Sq. ft.

The design is based in accordance with the green building model The project was awarded a Platinum Rated LEED Certificate from IGBC for energy Efficient Design and Construction.

Who built TCS Siruseri?

The brand new headquarters of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) situated at Siruseri, Chennai is a famous building, adorned with a stunning style of architecture.

The distinctive structure was designed by two Uruguayan architects Carlos Ott and Carlos Ponce de Leon. 

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