TCS NextStep Campus Placement Also New URL Of Portal login 2023

The Tata Consultancy Service TCS Campus placement 2020-2021 is taking place nationwide. Candidates seeking TCS jobs should have a clear idea about the placement details to get the jobs under this reputed company.

The Tata consultancy service is one of the reputed companies that have run its organization on a big scale over the past several years. This company has many employees working under them, and fresher vacancies are also open.

TCS NextStep

The TCS Campus drives are said to take place In India, where people all across the nation can participate in the process. The candidates need a clear idea about the TCS Registration details for 2019-2020.

TCS Campus Commune helps students understand many insights into TCS and aids in campus placements. It enables the students to interact with TCSers and peers. Moreover, students can learn more about the company and participate in beneficial discussions on a slew of topics.

With NextStep TCS Tata Consultancy Services, the students can explore ample career opportunities at TCS. TCS NextStep is an exclusive web portal for entry-level graduates who completed their graduation recently.

TCS NextStep Exam date 2021 will be announced soon. This test will be conducted by the concerned persons at TCS twice every year.

TCS Ultimatix ERP Portal for Employees

TCS NextStep Campus

TCS Registration 2021 for NextStep Campus Placement is open for freshers and other graduates. After the registration, the applicants NextStep Login and fill in the TCS Application form for Campus Placement.

The TCS NextStep Registration Login details- find the official link:

The TCS NextStep Registration requires a login process, and in case you are not aware of what website to follow, then you need not worry, as I will further brief you on the information here.

To get a clear picture of TCS NextStep Registration Login, follow the official website:  This is the official portal page fresher aspirants must follow to get all the necessary details.

Other websites are also available but might give you dope information and not guide you properly. Thus, candidates looking for the TCS NextStep Registration Login are suggested to follow the official website.

The registration procedure under the TCS requires registering them; all the details are followed up on the portal page. To get more updates, visit the official portal page regularly.

The TCS NextStep, Registration Login link, is released for the fresher applicant to brief them about the notifications of the TCS jobs.

The off-campus and the on-campus details are provided on the site; having a brief about the same is very important for the applicants.

A proper study is organized by the officials providing an excellent opportunity for the fresher looking for TCS Jobs for 2020-2021.

The concerned authority people are appointed to look into the process.  The applicants should regularly visit to get updates on upcoming posts.

Before trying anything, I am just recommended to read this entire post and visiting the official website for further information; it will help you to understand everything about this topic.

The process to follow up for TCS NextStep Registration 2020-2021:

The Tata Consultancy Service is all set to offer jobs for the best candidates who are eligible enough for it.  This reputed company follow-ups a systematic process. The fresher candidates must follow up the step-by-step process.

Those who have been qualified under Graduation for the past two to three years can get themselves registered under the TCS NextStep Registration Login.  The competition is tough and massive.

Many people are interested in working for his renowned company nationwide. The candidates must be quick enough to beat the race of competition and be first for the TCS Jobs 2018.

For 2018, thousands of applicants are participating in the competition; as per the authority, there is still a list of a few applicants who were not registered under the process. For all those fresher candidates who did not login yet for the TCS NextStep Registration Login, it’s a last call as the process is expected to close soon.

There are only a specific number of job vacancies that can be filled. Moreover, the candidates must also be careful in following the procedure.

The officials released the job vacancy notification on the official portal page several days before, and it’s almost closing. So, aspirants hurry up and finish the registration process before it’s too late.

TCS Webmail Login

TCS Registration login details for the fresher Aspirants 2018-2019

The proper manner is required for the applicants to get registered under the TCS NextStep Registration Login. The applicant must follow the official website to get the direct details. Once the aspirants follow the step-by-step procedure, a clearer picture of the TCS NextStep Registration Login will be provided.

The current application form will also be available. The present job vacancy detail is also provided on the portal page. The thousands of participants all over India take the TCS jobs very seriously, and only the severe job seekers are said to go ahead.

On the other side, there is also something important that the fresher job seekers under the TCS must know of. The TCS Campus Commune is the main thing allowing the fresher candidate to participate in career streaming drives.

The main reason behind the TCS campus commune is that it further helps the fresher to learn about the TCS Career streams in detail.

For more details, log on to HERE. This official website directly opens the right page without wasting your time, and all the details are right there.

The Eligibility Criteria required for TCS NextStep Registration Login:

The Fresher seekers applying for the TSC Jobs must follow a systematic process. Firstly the Aspirants must get themselves registered for the operation of TCS NextStep Recruitment 2019.

Before that, the aspirants applying for the job vacancies must fulfil the eligibility criteria to be eligible for the Tata Consultancy Services Jobs.  The eligibility Criteria include:

  • Aspirants must hold degrees in any- BE, B.Tech, MCA, ME, M.Tech, BCA, MBA, M.Sc., B.Sc., MCOM, B.COM, MA, BA, any PG or Any graduate. Any of the mentioned degrees is compulsorily needed.
  • No bag logs are allowed for the applicant. A clear record must be there. That candidate will not be permitted if any bag logs are there.
  • A minimum of 60 per cent of marks must be attained by the aspirants in the B.Tech degree.
  • Finally, a minimum of 3 years or more of experience is a must for the applicant to qualify for the process.

Note: The fresher applicants participating in the TCS NextStep Registration login process must fulfil the eligibility criteria before registering.

Steps to get registered under the TCS NextStep registration process:

Large companies’ acclaimed terms and conditions can be seen through their systematic processes. All applicants hoping to secure TCS employment should follow this step-by-step procedure for success if they want a chance at the position. Let’s get going now.

  • Launch the official NextStep TCS Website
  • In step two, applicants need to login via their existing accounts with TCS, clicking the Login Button on; step three involves clicking Login again until a new page opens on screen.
  • Now the aspirant must select their area of interest between IT – Information Technology or BPS Business Process Service, depending on what drives their passions.
  • Once a decision has been made, an applicant must provide all relevant personal details in the space box provided below. These details include their Name, Date of Birth, Gender, E-Mail Id, Qualifications, Contact Number and Mobile Number as well as others that need to be filled out.

An applicant often makes errors when providing personal details, so all details should be thoroughly inspected prior to proceeding to the next stage.

  • Clicking further on the Submit Button and waiting for a new page to load signifies the end of registration process successfully, with notification sent out via
  • Email ID provided by candidates informing them about successful completion of registration process.
  • Step Two requires entering the applicant’s correct email or reference ID, then clicking “submit”.
  • Step Three involves providing their password; should they forget it during Step Four they can use Step Six instead.
  • Simply navigate to the “forget password” option at the bottom and reset your password – this way TCS NextStep registration process login has been successfully completed.

TCS Nextstep portal login

Want to know how to tcs nextstep portal login? Then follow our easy steps; here you can get a the guide to tcs nextstep portal login; let’s follow.

  • First, you must open the tcs nextstep portal and log in to the official website.
  • After then, you will see below the like page.
  • TCS Nextstep portal login
  • If you are a new user, please register first by clicking on New Candidate.
  • If you are an existing user, then fill login details.
  • Thats it.

What are TCS NextStep eligibility criteria?

If you are looking for TCS NextStep, you must know about TCS NextStep eligibility criteria. After getting the eligibility criteria, you can prepare yourself for TCS. We are sharing some helpful information that will help you understand its concept.

Qualification  M.Sc in Computer Science / Information Technology or B. Tech / ME /BE /  M.Tech (OR) MCA with BCA/B.Com/BA/B.Sc (with Math/Statistics Background) (OR)
Percentage  In School Class X, XII, UG & PG courses 60%+
Backlogs Active backlogs or No Pending

How to Delete TCS Next Step Account?

If you want to delete your TCS Next Step Account, then please follow below easy steps:-

1. Log in to your email account, which is already registered with the site.
2. Now, compose an email. Enter the email address: [email protected]
3. Subject Type: “REQUEST to DELETE MY ACCOUNT “.”
4. Email the support team regarding the deletion of your account. Include your reasons for doing so. Wait at least 48 hours before you send the email to support.

Will TCS freshers receive a salary raise?

The salary increase will depend on the performance of existing staff. In addition, TCS plans to give 4 lakh employees an incentive for 100% variable pay for the fiscal year 2022.

TCS NextStep Campus Theme Park.

TCS NextStep Campus Commune is an online platform developed by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) specifically to serve college students and recent graduates interested in joining its ranks. It provides them with information regarding TCS recruitment processes as well as tools and resources that help prepare for interviews and develop skills.

TCS NextStep Campus Commune features:

Job Opportunities: Students may apply to TCS through this platform for internships and full-time roles, as well as learning resources such as online courses, webinars, and training programs to enhance their skillset. Learning Resources: Through this platform students have access to learning resources like online courses, webinars, and training programs designed to build up their knowledge base.

Forums: Students can join online discussions to form relationships, ask questions and exchange information with fellow students. News and Events: TCS’s platform offers news updates as well as details regarding recruitment events or other relevant events that students might attend.

TCS NextStep Campus Commune is an indispensable tool for college students and recent graduates seeking careers at TCS. The platform provides essential resources to prepare them for interviews and build their skills while connecting them with fellow students who share similar experiences and making connections that will ultimately pay dividends later on in their journeys.

Are TCS courses the next step for experienced individuals?

Freshers and experienced professionals are welcome to apply for TCS NextStep, which provides people with job opportunities at TCS while serving as a platform to employ both entry-level personnel and experienced personnel.

TCS NextStep allows experienced individuals to explore career opportunities across various disciplines and technologies, such as IT infrastructure, application development, business process outsourcing and more. TCS NextStep makes it easy to search for job vacancies that match up perfectly with their skill set and expertise.

TCS NextStep offers experienced professionals a range of learning and development programs, as well as career advancement opportunities, to increase their capabilities and advance their careers within TCS. Technical training, leadership development programs and management programs are among the many offerings designed to aid employees in improving their capabilities while furthering their careers within the organization.

Does TCS do campus placement?

TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) regularly holds campus placements at colleges and universities nationwide as part of its recruitment strategy to identify talented individuals directly from educational institutions and recruit them directly for entry-level positions or internship opportunities. TCS visits campuses regularly to recruit fresh graduates as part of this process.

TCS takes an organized approach when placing students on campus. The process may include the following steps:

  • Pre-Placement Talk: TCS representatives give students an overview of their services, work culture and career opportunities through a pre-placement talk. This session allows them to gain more information about TCS as a company as well as expectations set forth for employment with them.
  • Written Test: As part of its selection process, TCS may administer a written exam in order to assess candidates’ aptitude, reasoning skills, technical knowledge and communication abilities.
  • Technical and HR Interviews: Shortlisted candidates from the written test typically go through additional rounds of interviews to assess both technical proficiency as well as behavioral fit with TCS’s values and culture. This could involve technical interviews to evaluate technical proficiency as well as HR interviews to gauge communication skills, behavioral fit and alignment with TCS values.

What Is TCS NextStep Used For?

TCS NextStep is an online platform used by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for campus recruitment and hiring processes, specifically fresh graduate recruitment processes. Candidates using the portal can create profiles, apply for job openings and take part in TCS recruitment processes.

What is TCS NextStep salary?

TCS NextStep candidates receive variable salaries depending on factors like job role, experience level and location; there is no set salary offered under this program.

What is candidate batching at TCS?

Candidate Batch” in TCS refers to candidates selected and assembled for specific training or employment programs, usually by hiring status or intended training or onboarding schedule.

What Is Basic Salary In TCS?

TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) provides employees with an individualised basic salary which depends on factors like role, location and experience level. As part of an overall compensation package it may differ for each employee and TCS NextStep eligibility may also change over time.

Who is eligible for TCS NextStep?

TCS NextStep eligibility depends on the nature and role of each recruitment drive and job posting, but typically candidates who fulfill educational and skill requirements outlined in job listings can participate. TCS may use TCS NextStep as a platform to hire both recent graduates and experienced professionals through this platform; eligibility criteria will typically be mentioned within listings on TCS NextStep portal.


To conclude, the applicant has an excellent opportunity to get jobs under the TCS Company. They need to be quick enough and follow the details mentioned in the above article.

May the best person get the right job and we would also like to wish all the participants the best for the competition.  The consent looks easy but is not. However, strong willpower will take you through the win if you wish.

The article has all the necessary details about the TCS registration NextStep process.  Stay regular and visit the official website to get all the details.

The main objective of this article is to make the aspirant aware of giving in their correct details and to follow up the procedure correctly.

I hope we are helpful enough to guide you throughout the article. For extra related details, visit the website regularly.  Any information not provided in this article will be found on this website.

A letter from the HR department at TCS informed that employees hired as EP hires or experienced professionals with an anniversary date of the 1st of April 2022 or later will not receive an increment or letter upon the conclusion of the initial year. The first increment will be given at the following year’s increment, according to the report.

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