TCS GC Processing Batch 12

TCS Processors for GC Batch 12 A Journey of Achievement and Empowerment In the world of immigration and global potential mobility of talents, getting an green card is frequently thought of as a significant step for those who are from abroad looking to establish a stable life in America.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) One of the most renowned IT service companies in the world is playing a key contribution to assisting employees’ dream of obtaining immigration status One example is TCS’s GC Processing Batch 12.

The benefits of working for TCS

TCS GC Processing Batch 12

TCS GC Processing Batch 12

The story of TCS will be discussed in this article to demonstrate the company’s commitment to fostering the best talent and fostering expansion. Tata Consultancy Services, more often referred to by the acronym TCS is long considered to be an innovative company in IT services.

An organization that is committed to diversification among its workforce, TCS acknowledges international talent as well as their contribution. To keep its place as an international leader, TCS has long assisted workers through the difficult U.S. immigration process including Green Card application.

When Batch 12 and the upcoming batches work towards achieving reaching their Green Card aspirations, it is obvious that TCS’s history as a company that is focused on talent will last for a long time, enhancing lives and ensuring a better future for everyone who is that are a part of it.

Information You Might Be Looking For:

  • Timeline for Processing If you’re in the TCS GCC Process Batch 12, you’re likely to be looking for the expected timeline for processing to process the Green Card application. There is no one-size-fits-all solution since processing times vary according to a myriad of factors, including:

    • Current work load at USCIS
    • Your specific case details
    • In the event that additional details or evidence is required, please contact us.
  • Communications Communications regarding the Green Card application process might be taken care of by TCS’s immigration or legal department.

    • Check the internal channels of communication (email as well as Intranet) for any updated specific information that is related to the batch 12.
    • Contact HR representatives or immigration team that is component of TCS to find out the processing times in Batch 12.

General Resources:

  • USCIS Green Card Processing Times: While not specific to TCS or Batch 12, you can check the USCIS website ( for estimated processing times for different Green Card categories.
  • VisaPoint: If TCS employs VisaPoint (a Green Card processing vendor) for employees You may be able to connect via the internet that lets you be aware of what you’re doing on the progress on the status of your Green Card application (if you are logged in with your login details).

TCS GC Processing Batch 12 is an ambitious project.

TCS’ GC Processing Batch 12 included talented employees from TCS that began the path to permanent residency to the US.

Like its predecessors, this group emphasized both commitment and dedication to working alongside the unwavering support of TCS with professionals of a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise who contributed to the company’s success in a unique way.

Journey to Green Card

Achieving a green Card may be a challenge due to challenges and uncertainty; the 12th batch was not any different. The immigration law is very complex, with ever-changing rules that could make the procedure lengthy, and test the patience of applicants and their determination as well. TCS as well as Batch 12 proved that perseverance combined with a positive work environment will be the key to successful outcomes.

The Supporting Talent Approach: TCS’ Approach

TCS has always emphasised its importance in supporting its employees throughout the process of obtaining their visas. HR and legal departments taking every step to assist and support employees through the entire process of applying.

TCS provides a positive environment which employees can concentrate on their professional development with the confidence that their immigration requirements are handled correctly.

Inspiring an inclusive culture in education

TCS is extremely proud of the diverse workforce it has and recognizes that diversity is the key to innovation and creativity. In streamlining processes for immigration, TCS allows individuals from all over the world to connect, exchange thoughts, and participate in transformative projects, not just helping its employees, but consolidating its status as a top employer across the world in IT.

Batch 12 displayed the spirit of camaraderie and community. The members of this batch offered the support and motivation each other throughout their GC processing process, resulting in the feeling of family that transcended boundaries and different cultures. This is a testament to teamwork’s capacity to provide a stimulating and enjoyable experience for all who was involved in the production.


The TCS batch 12 story of GC Processing illustrates their dedication to their employees’ development and their success.

With unwavering support, an welcoming culture, as well as guidance in the face of immigration challenges, TCS remains a source of inspiration and hope for those who want to pursue American goals.

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