Surety Verification Form TCS sample

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Your Surety must sign the Surety Verification Form, which must be endorsed by a recognized authority and sent with the Service Agreement. Any of the following commands can sign off on the completed form:

What Are The Different Information Classification Categories Available In TCS?

Surety Verification Form TCS sample

Surety Verification Form TCS sample

Manager of a nationalized institution in which the Surety has an account.

District collector for the district In which the Surety resides.

Gazetted officer.

When the corporation is a taxpayer, the Surety is an employer. In this case, a photocopy of Form 16 that has been supplied to the Surety and authorized by the employer is required.

In addition, (instead of the Surety Verification Form), you might submit a photocopy confirmed by the Surety’s valid passport, in line with its Service Agreement.

Note: Ensure that the Surety signatures on the Service Accord, Surety Verification form, Passport, and other supporting papers (IT returns/PAN cards) are in agreement.
Furthermore, instead of the Surety, you can make a fixed deposit in either or both of the following formats:

Tata Consultancy has a joint account.

Tata Consultancy Services Limited and you share the joint statementansferred or allocated to Tata Consultancy Services Limited in your name or Lien to be used by Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Acceptance of these documents and compliance with all the conditions mentioned in them is a fundamental precondition for joining TCSL and continuing to work for the company.

What documents should be notarized before being accepted into TCS?

TCS Service Agreement is required to be signed by the employee to be able to join the company.

The documents must be notarized to join TCS as a fresher is The following documents must be notarized for join TCS:

  • Non-criminal Affidavit (NCA).
  • Birth certificate in English (if the birth certificate you received is not in a regional language).
  • Education Gap Form ( If you’ve got any gap in your academic career )

Medical certificate that has been certified by a Medical Practitioner.

Non-Criminal Affidavit Needs to be Notarized

You must carry your service contract. However, it doesn’t have to be notarized.

TCS Service Agreement

It would be best to complete it on the Rs—100 stamped paper. The complete details of what must be typed or printed are given in the joining annexure of TCS in the joint annexed.

It is advised not to modify or erase any of the contents of the contract, whether or not they apply to you.

The Surety provides this Agreement. This can be anyone (parents or relatives, friends, and neighbors) that is an income tax payee.

The documents needed to sign the Service Agreement :
1. Surety Verification Form.
2. A copy of the PAN of your security.
3. IT returns from

A Surety Verification form must be signed by a Gazetted officer or any Manager of a national bank.
You can also provide a copy of the Surety’s Passport to replace the Surety Validation Form.

Guidelines for completing the Service Agreement.

  • The Service Agreement may be stamped electronically if it is available for stamps of a non-judicial character.
  • Please write the first page of your Service Agreement on 100 stamp paper and attach it to the remaining pages of the Service Agreement as directed.
  • You will need to purchase the stamp paper. Suppose the non-judicial Stamp documents in your name are not available. In that case, the notarization of the non-criminal Affidavit with a non-judicial stamp issued in the name of a licensed Advocate is permissible.
  • If 100 stamp paper is not available, use two 50-stamp pieces. Print the first two pages of your Service Agreement on ’50 stamp paper,’ then attach them to the other parts of the agreement as directed.
    If the Stamp Paper of the denominations mentioned above is unavailable, a Franking agreement for a non-judicial stamp is permitted.

Surety Verification Form in TCS?

TCS may request that its applicants provide a surety verification form as part of its employment verification process. It provides details of an individual who can vouch for their background, character, and integrity; acting as both reference or guarantor for them during employment verification.

Compulsory Affidavit for TCS Employment?

Whether or not an affidavit is compulsory when seeking TCS employment depends on your specific role requirements and company policies. Some candidates may need to submit surety affidavits as part of the verification process.

Surety Eligibility in TCS?

Eligibility requirements to become a surety can vary depending on company policies and the role. In general, sureties serve as individuals who can vouch for candidates’ character and background.

Reject After Document Verification?

TCS may reject an applicant or offer after document verification if discrepancies are identified, or they do not fulfill all required qualifications for their role.

Blacklisting in TCS?

Declining an offer may negatively impact an individual’s professional reputation and future job opportunities; however, failure to join may not result in blacklisting unless there were unethical or fraudulent motives behind their refusal.

Surety Affidavit?

A surety affidavit is a legal document in which one individual (the surety) provides an affirmation about another (the candidate). This statement serves to verify the integrity and suitability of employment candidates.


I’m sorry, but I can’t access particular TCS or other organization paperwork or documentation. However, I recommend contacting TCS directly or visiting their website to request a sample of the Surety Verification Form or learn more about it and its requirements.

You may also try looking for the form online to see if you can use any publicly available templates or samples as a guide. This post is intended for educational purposes; please always visit the official website.

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