NSR Registration for TCS

NSR Registration for TCS information you can get from this post, After sharing about Job Security in TCS? – Know the Top Reasons to work for TCS and also What Are The Different Information Classification Categories Available In TCS? today, we are sharing NSR Registration for the TCS process; I Hope it will be helpful for you.

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NSR Registration for TCS

NSR Registration for TCS

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What is NSR?

  • The National Skills Registry is a NASSCOM program that aims to provide official information collection on everyone who works in the area.
  • The National Skills Registry (NSR) comprises professional information and background check records. It also includes academic, personal, and job information for those who work or are anticipated to work in the company.
  • Employers utilize this information to check employees’ background information.

How to Register?

  1. Open the NSR Website portal.
  2. For a new user, sign up right now.
  3. The new page. Then, at the end of the page, choose I agree and hit submit.
  4. On the next page, you will need to fill in the form.
  5. If you’ve received an offer letter from an organization and required to fill out an NSR enrollment, Click My Future Employer.
  6. Then, you must enter your details,,, address, and other information like your mobile number, Email ID, or PAN number.
  7. The next step is to make a login ID, password for login and transaction password, and security questions.
  8. Then, type in the captcha, Click Save and Continue.
  9. You’ll need to provide an ‘Acknowledgement Number.’ Keep the acknowledgment number.
  10. On the next screen on the next page, you must enter your academic information, professional training courses, and certificates. After that, click Continue.
  11. After that, you must submit the information from your previous job. If you’re a new employee, choose the No option and proceed.
  12. The next step is to verify your account details. Then, click on authenticate and pay.

There are two ways to verify your identity:

  • Aadhaar Based KYC (completely online process).
  • Register your fingerprints aat a Point of Service (POS) center.

Aadhaar-Based KYC:

  1. Aadhaar must register mobile numbers.
  2. You’ll need to place an order to the download of the Aadhaar Paperless offline E-KYC. Offline E-KYC site.
  3. After downloading, you can upload it to your NSR website. Enter 4 digits of your password in order to access the download for your Aadhaar. Then you need to click.
  4. Then, you need to confirm your Aadhaar information, and afterwards upload the PAN Card image (Mandatory) as well as your photo (Optional).
  5. Click on the button to make a payment and then select your membership. After that you can pay the payment.
  6. Its ITPIN is generated between 1 and 2 hours. Your ITPIN will be received by Mail and SMS.
  7. The price online includes an annual membership fee of Rs.300 annually and a monthly renewal charge (based on the kind of membership chosen).
  8. The procedure to download E-KYC offline is described below.

Procedure for Downloading Offline eKYC:

  1. When you open the site. Enter your Aadhaar Number.
  2. Then enter the code for security. Click send OTP.
  3. Then, enter the OTP you received on your mobile. Create a 4-digit password to gain access to your Aadhaar.

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  1. NSR Official Website.
  2. Aadhaar Official Website.

NSR (National Skills Registry) is a centralized database India’s IT sector uses to keep employment records and background checks on personnel. To meet industry requirements and guarantee that their personnel has undertaken the requisite background checks, TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) needs all their employees to register with NSR.

To register with NSR, TCS employees can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the NSR website (https://nationalskillsregistry.com) and click the “New User” option.
  2. Enter your information, such as your name, email address, and phone number, and then establish a username and password.
  3. Fill out the registration form with extra information, such as your schooling and career background.
  4. Upload the necessary papers, such as your resume and evidence of identity (e.g., PAN card, Aadhaar card, or passport).
  5. Pay the registration fee of INR 1,100 (including of taxes).

Once your registration is complete, NSR will verify your work and background information and provide you an NSR card. TCS and other IT companies will require this card to verify your background and career experience. It is vital to keep your NSR registration up to date by altering your employment and other details on a regular basis.

Are TCS employees required to register as NSR?

NSR registration in TCS isn’t compulsory for every employee, depending on their specific job roles, client needs and company policies. Here’s how you can register in NSR with TCS:

TCS typically assists employees through the NSR registration process and provides all of the relevant information.

How can I receive my NSR number through TCS?

Your NSR number will be provided if registration for your role or project is necessary; in such instances, your employer or client will facilitate this process.

Can an employer blacklist me in NSR?

Yes, companies may report unethical or illegal activities to NSR that could harm your professional reputation and future employment opportunities.

Is NSR mandatory for IT employees?

Registration with NSR isn’t always mandatory for IT employees; its importance depends on specific job requirements and employer policies.

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