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Myapp TCS login to access TCS Ultimatix webmail from official website. TCS Ultimatix Login & Myapp TCS Login | Tata Consultancy Services Ultimatix TCS Webmail Login App. We all use Ultimatix from TCS Login, yet some individuals may be unaware of it and its functionality.

So this post has been specially written for you – in it we provide all essential details regarding this portal and if any difficulties arise when logging in contact the technical staff directly; don’t worry though as this article provides all essential info that will enable them to resolve any issue related to its login procedure.

Myapp TCS

TCS also known as Tata Consultancy Services is a multinational IT firm that has its head office located in Mumbai, India. It is the top-rated IT firm in the world. It is represented across more than 46 nations.

TCS is among the largest recruiters around the world, and employs more than 387,000 workers who work for them. Nearly 35% of whom are female. The services of banking as well as IT, BPO etc. are provided by TCS.

Myapp TCS

Tata Consultancy Services has changed their Webmail into features a VPN i.e. VPN over the last few months. Thanks to VPN users have access to the private network. It is possible to share data via open networks. VPN ensures that the data is secure on the internet.

Therefore, the access to webmail from TCShas been difficult for users outside of their system. There is a simple way to ensure that you can get access to TCS Webmail using your smartphone or PCs.

Through Citrix Receiver:

  • Citrix Receiver is an application available via the web. Just click to open to Install
  • Download the application for your mobile device. By using this application, you will be able to check your email on computer and mobile devices.
  • When the app is installed successful.
  • It is the log-in page for Tata Consultancy Services.
  • Then, you’ll need your login credentials in order to sign in on this page.

Following the login using Citrix Receiver, your email will be directed to your email.

You must select Lotus Webmail below to access TCS Webmail. TCS Webmail page.

You can now use your username and password to login to your email using IOS as well as Android devices.

With The Citrix Receiver with Citrix Receiver, you’ll have access to your TCS email messages using any device that is not part of TATA consulting systems. One disadvantage you’ll face is that it will be impossible to see emails that have been sent more than three days old.

Be sure to log into your Webmail via a secured system only. The email you receive can hold sensitive and personal information, and it is best not to be compromising your security with a system that is not secure. Be sure to use the most current version of the web browser you’re employing. If you’re using a computer make sure to perform an entire boot time scan whenever you spot any unusual activities.

Department Webmail
Support Global [email protected]
Address Cell
Support Number 1800-425-2922
Second Number 1800-209-3111
Official website


Myapp TCS App Login

However, in general, the login process for an application like Myapp TCS would typically involve the following steps:

  1. Launch the Myapp TCS application on your device and look for a login or sign-in option on its main screen.
  2. When prompted to login or sign-in, tap this option.
  3. umplut After entering your TCS username or email address associated with Myapp TCS account, tap “Done.”
  4. Once you’ve entered all of the required information, click on either “Login” or “Sign In” to login or sign in.
  5. If the credentials provided are correct, you should be logged into Myapp TCS account and gain access to its features and functionalities.

Please note that the exact steps may vary depending on the specific application and any updates made to the login process. It’s always a good idea to refer to the application’s official documentation or contact their support team for the most accurate and up-to-date information on logging into the Myapp TCS application. was the initial official website of Tata Consultancy Services for accessing email messages. The employees could access their email accounts with the aid of In the past, however, several months back, the business had changed its address to another to offer a more convenience to employees.

Citrix delivers flawlessly which is why TCS has formed a relationship with the company. Employees can access their Netscaler Gateway and access their email accounts. They no longer have to go to They can sign in to their accounts using the assistance from Netscaler Getaway with just a one mouse click.

Are we required to install any additional agents or software in order to connect to Webmail?

It is not necessary to install an extra software or agent that must be installed in order to connect to webmail via SSL VPN as it will be accessible directly from web browsers. It is recommended, however, that you install Citrix Workspace Software on local computer for better performance.

Which OS supports access to the webmail via SSL VPN?

Below are the list of OS supported OS:

Desktop/Laptop OS: Windows 7 or newer, Mac 10.9 or above Android Mobile Devices with Linux: Android 6.0 and above, IOS 5.1 and above.

Which web browser should I use?

Any standard browser with support for HTML 5. Here are the details for supported browsers. IE 10 and higher, Edge 12 and above, Chrome 52 and above , Firefox 42 and above , Safari 9 and above, Opera 30 and above.

Do I have access to on my mobile device using an apps like Lotus Launcher? cannot be accessed via mobile apps like the lotus launcher. It is accessible via web browsers only. But, Citrix Workspace Application is required to be downloaded on mobile.

Are I able to access Webmail on mobile or portable devices following the transition?

You can indeed use webmail from your mobile device However, it’s required to download Citrix Workspace Application on your phone. It is available through Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Refer to the following Knowmax link for detailed step by step guide on the same, (

Do I have the option of printing a copy of a attachment or email via the SSL VPN Portal?

No. It is not possible to print a copy of an attachment or email while using Webmail through SSL VPN. If you wish to print your personal documents like pay slips or PF statements, then you are able to transfer the file via your TCS email address to your personal email address using the hashtag #PERSONAL# to the subject of your email. It is then possible to print the document using your email ID.

Be aware that sending TCS Internal or TCS Documents that are confidential from your TCS email address to an email address that is public is in violation of TCS Security Policy. TCS Security Policy.

What is the best way to select Keyboard Layout and Language when accessing email via SSL VPN?

Refer to the following Knowmax link for detailed step by step guide on the same,

Do I have the ability to store my emails to my personal computer?

You cannot keep attachments or emails in personal computers. Attachments can be opened in an SSL VPN environment, and then used as limited space will be created to the SSL VPN environment for downloading and process attachments on a the basis of real-time.

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