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MY TCS App TCS’s mission is to assist customers in realizing their dreams through technological and business expertise combined.

By offering cutting edge consulting IT services and solutions that make work enjoyable for all involved, TCS strives to help its customers realize their business objectives.

App Name MY TCS
Purpose Employee app for TCS
Features Payslip access, leave application, timesheet management, training opportunities, chat and forums, company news
Platforms Android, iOS
Login TCS credentials
Official Website TCS website


The TCS webmail is highly exclusive or targeted for individuals who set up webmail-based forces as well as people in general to obtain almost all login credentials for the account to log in quickly and easily manage the account without difficulty, much like Gmail. Gmail account.

Prior to this, the official URL for accessing email at Tata Consultancy Services was Through employees could now to check their email. But, the business has moved to a different site in the last few months to give its staff an improved working environment.


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How To Log In TCS’s email at MY TCS App

The TCS Webmail Homepage for every company is designed to display emails for clients or customers and business partners while browsing the You can go to and create an account to verify your identity within the mail system using your TCS Webmail login, which was granted or assigned to you by your team leader or supervisor. Be aware that your username as well as the password you input will form the two elements for your password.

By clicking this hyperlink Employers is able to log in with an employee ID as well as a password. Additionally, candidates are able to use the secure internet to log into the TCS webmail service via their residence. This helps the user with accessing their account in a safe manner.

Internal mobile application from TCS:

This is the most likely scenario. Large companies such as TCS have internal mobile apps for employees. The apps may offer a variety of functions, including

    • Access to corporate resources such as payroll slips, work schedules and internal communications channels.
    • Tools for managing tasks and reporting as well as cost monitoring (depending on the role of the employee).
    • Benefits enrollment and claim management capabilities.
    • A platform to encourage employee engagement and communications.

How can I reset the passwords in MyAppTCS Login Portal?

For resetting your password using MyApp TCS – Ultimatix take the following steps;

When you are on the website after that, select the forgot password.

You are now redirected to the Ultimatix website, where you can set your password. you had two choices:

1.) You are able to create the new Ultimatix password. AuthCode or Webmail password must be entered, it is also necessary to complete the mystery questions.

Choose the set password option.

There were three different ways to go about it. There are three options to choose from. best suits your needs;

  • If you opt to for a webmail password to be used, you must enter your employee’s name and number, as well as the webmail password. Then click the submit button. Make sure to note that there were just two attempts. Feature is locked for 30 minutes following the second invalid attempt.
  • If you opt for the choice that you set up your account using UltimatixAuthcode then you must fill in your employee’s name and Ultimatixauthcode. Be aware that you must have enabled the Authenticator app through installing Ultimatix Authenticator mobile application from UxApp.
  • If you select the option of setting it using an SMS-based OTP then you must fill in your employee’s name and enter the captcha, then click submit. Make sure to use it by employees with a valid phone number, which is updated through Ultimatix (Ultimatix -> GESS> My ProfileBasic Information Communication Details). The feature was locked for 30 minutes after the third invalid attempt.

2.) Then, you can obtain temporary Ultimatix password. To get this, you must respond to a question that is secret. Select the Receive by Mail option. Then enter your employee’s name as well as the date you joined in the format dd/mm/yy.

How to use TCS Webmail Login?

Do not forget that you could log into your online mail by using your username and security code provided by TCS or by your TCS official from your company.

Access all your personnel’s records when you sign in. In case you encounter any difficulties login, you may dial the hotline for TCS. Additionally, you can log into TCS webmail using your phone via the app. For more updates check Timesalert.

How to connect TCS webmail via Citrix Receiver?

To log into TCS webmail via Citrix Receiver, you must follow these steps:

Citrix Receiver is a free application that is available in the App Store as well as the Google Play Store. Install the app onto your mobile device. It allows you to make use of your smartphone for accessing your desktop, email and various other programs.

  • Then, you must start Netscaler Gateway after the installation is completed. The new page is Tata Consultancy Service login page.
  • For logging in, login using your Ultimatix credentials. After that, the Citrix receiver application will then guide users to the webmail.
  • Click Lotus Webmail from the drop-down menu. It will redirect your to TCS Webmail site.
  • For access to your emails on an Android or iOS phone, simply enter the webmail username and password.
  • This process lets you gain access to your TCS emails on any device that is not part of TATA Consulting systems. It is now impossible to see emails delivered more than 3 days in the past.

Reset your personal Ultimatix login

For resetting your password using MyApp TCS, ultimatix or myApp take the following steps;

  • When you are on the Official MyappTCS Webmail Login Portal click on the option to forget password
  • After that, you will be redirected to the Ultimatix website, select the”Receive by Mail” option. Then enter the employee’s name as well as the date you joined in the format of dd/mm/yy.


Can I access from mobile using apps such as Lotus Launcher?

No. is not accessible via mobile apps like Lotus Launcher – only through browser access. Citrix Workspace Application should be installed on mobile phones for convenience in accessing workspace content.

Can I Print Email/Attachments From SSL VPN Portal?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to print attachments and emails when accessing Webmail through SSL VPN. To print personal files, like pay slips or PF statements, you need to connect your TCS email ID to your personal email ID, use the #PERSONAL# tag to identify the content of mail, print using your personal email ID account.

Be aware that sending TCS documents, whether confidential or internal to the company through the TCS account to a different email account that is not in compliance with TCS Security Policy is an offense.

How Can I Change Keyboard Layout or Language Option After Connecting via SSL VPN?

Referring to Knowmax3, here is a step by step guide:

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