Lego Star Wars TCS Codes 2023 Updated

Lego Star Wars TCS Codes: Certainly! There is no doubt! are some cheat codes to LEGO Star Wars The Complete Saga it was launched in 2007. The codes should work across various platforms, such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and PC.

Lego Star Wars TCS Codes

Lego Star Wars TCS Codes

Be aware the fact that they are dependent on the case, so you must enter exactly the way shown in the image:

  1. Extra Studs: Code: 4PR28U Effect: Collect double the normal amount of studs.
  2. Invincibility: Code: 74YKR7 Effect: Your characters will be invincible and cannot be defeated.
  3. Minikit Detector: Code: LD116B Effect: Displays the location of all the Minikits throughout the levels.
  4. Super Saber Cut: Code: BS828K Effect: Characters with lightsabers will have an extended and more powerful attack range.
  5. Bounty Hunter Rockets: Code: LA811Y Effect: Enables rockets on all the bounty hunter characters’ jetpacks.
  6. Fast Build: Code: GCHP7S Effect: Allows you to build LEGO objects faster than usual.
  7. Fast Force: Code: BYY318 Effect: The force abilities will recharge at a much faster rate.
  8. Dark Side: Code: 4GT3VQ Effect: Play as Dark Side characters in Free Play mode.
  9. Super Speeders: Code: B1D3W3 Effect: Vehicles will move at an increased speed.
  10. Regenerate Hearts: Code: 2D5GNM Effect: Hearts will regenerate automatically, keeping your characters healthy.
  11. Disguise: Code: 8LCA7E Effect: Enables the ability to wear disguises, allowing access to restricted areas.
  12. Silhouettes: Code: 0P1TA5 Effect: Characters will appear as black silhouettes.
  13. Classic Blasters: Code: L449HD Effect: Replaces all blaster fire with classic, retro-looking shots.
  14. Minikit Ship: Code: YD77GC Effect: Allows you to fly the Lego mini-kit vehicle.
  15. Stud Magnet: Code: 6MZ5CH Effect: Attracts all nearby studs to your character.

These are just a few of the cheat codes available in LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Keep in mind that using cheat codes may disable achievements or trophies in some versions of the game. Enjoy playing!

How to use Bonus

Go to into the “Bonus” room in the Cantina by entering through the door on the right in Episode VI. Go through to the “Trailers” doors (first to the left) to look at the trailer of Lego Indiana Jones: The Videogame. It is possible to can today purchase Indiana Jones for 50,000 Studs.

Ghost characters

You must successfully complete Story mode in order to unlock Ghost characters that can be purchased. Ghosts are characters that are impervious and are not spotted by adversaries, unless in vehicles.

Slave 1.

Complete each of the 36 Mini-kit collections for unlocking Slave 1 in all vehicle-based levels.

New Town

Get 50 Gold Bricks. Later, in the “Bonus” room in the Cantina create number 6. number 6.


Gather all the Gold Bricks and gain access to every cutscene in the Cantina.

Easy Studs

The chapter begins at the beginning of Chapter IV Episode 1 Build the two controls panels. When you’ve built your control panel, go towards the left side of the room and push the lever. Continue pulling the lever, and taking the Studs. Repeat the procedure as often as you like.

Utilize the trick below to earn more than the 50,000 Studs quickly. Visit the Podrace to utilize one of the speeders from Episode II’s beginning. They are perfect for striking the pink crystals due to their more mobility. Utilize Subulba’s Podracer to hit the small poles. It is simpler to strike them using a wider Podracer. It is possible to can quickly get more than 100,000 Studs every time which is one of the quickest stages.

There are many ways to earn Studs by breaking chairs, trash containers, etc. The are two covers for fans that are on the ground in front of the Cantina which provide plenty of Studs. In the Cantina is an location which offers a large number of Studs. Within “Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi” is a table in the center of the room that is surrounded by blue chairs. Make use of the Force on the chairs numerous times. A few Studs should show up at every when this is performed.

In the first episode of Episode IV Chapter 5 – A New Hope, get to the point in which you have to construct the huge door and then smash it. Be sure to enable an option to enable the “Character Studs” as well as the “Stud Magnet” cheats turned on. Continue to kill the Stormtroopers until you’ve reached the desired amount of Studs before completing the game. NOTE:It is also recommended to enable “Invincibility” in order to not perish Studs or lose them.


Make use of the Force to grab blue glasses lying on the floors in the Cantina and then stack them. An inflatable bowling ball will be visible. It is possible to can make use of Force Throw to it into the blue glasses stack for Studs.

Easy “Arcade Master” achievement

Make use of two controllers, then switch into Arcade mode. One person can play any of the Droids which aren’t equipped with guns. For this to be possible you need to possess the additional droid that explodes. You and the other participant can play any of the characters.

Start a duel and choose a target that is off. Begin the game and be sure you are the farthest away you can without blowing yourself to pieces. The player who is using the robot blow himself up. Keep doing this until you reach 100 points. Thanks for visit TCS Ultimatix and keep it up.

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